• Closing....

    The email came in a while ago and I was meaning to post but did not quite get around to it. So is closing, does everyone have plans?

    I have been very bad at writting my other blog and my blip...

    I do hope that everyone is keeping well.

  • Moving....

    I have not been the best at keeping my blog up to date and there continues to be loads of spam on here, so I have decided to move. I have set up a new blog here...

    Currently there is nothing in it but maybe come and visit. I will pop back now and then to catch up with you all.

    Take Care


  • Happy New Year

    I hope you all had a wonderful time and that the new year brings you joy and sunshine.


  • Happy Christmas

    I hope you all have a fab time.


  • Moving on...

    .. no not another person leaving blog, although I am not around much so you may have thought I left already!

    We are moving!

    Leaving Scotland and going back down South. Well that is the plan.

    We are going to buy a new house, which is in the process of being built and the builder is going to buy our house. Well that is the plan!

    Hubs is going to work from home and I have no idea what I am going to do. I might be able to keep my current contract and travel to London every day or I will look for something else.

    New house will be ready in January or February.

    Here is a photo, still a lot to do and then we will have a brand new garden to design. How exciting!


  • So much going on!

    We have quite a few things happening and I will mention them another time.

    The news for this week is that I start a new job on Friday, it is a six month contract and I am a little unsure if I really want the job. I rather let things drift along and then felt I had no choice but to take the job. Today, I found out that the lady who was offering the job was also talking to someone else, but she kept me hanging around saying that she was waiting for the finance to be signed off. The other person could not take the job in the end, so she gave it to me. She had also asked me not to look for other jobs while she sorted things out. Why I felt I 'had' to take the job is beyond me, I think I am too nice when it comes to things like this.

    If I am to be a contractor, I need to develop a harder shell!... or maybe a better business sense! Either way, if I do not like the job or the location does not work out I will be leaving and will NOT feel bad about it.... well I will feel bad, but I really should not!

    Rant over. WP_20131013_001

  • 2°C with frost... in September

    It was rather cool cold this morning being just 2C and there was frost on the deck. Not to be put off I was out in the garden once it had cleared and spent the day clearning plants that were past their best and finding ones that were still in flower. The garden looks quite tidy now but it was a hard days work.

    A few photos while I was pottering.


    Click to make big!

  • Weekend away

    Last weekend we went off to Aviemore for a very short break. The idea was to climb Cairngorm and we did it! We walked up with a lovely chap from Canada, called Andy. He is spending a month in Scotland he was born here but left when he was 2 years old.

    We had a fab time. Here are a few photos

    Reindeer with a view So sweet!Snow buntingView from the topGoing down Quick walk on the way home

    Click to make big!

  • In the garden again

    I seem to be making slow progress in the garden, so more work required today. Yesterday the sunshine was out and so were the bugs, here are a few photos.


  • Front garden

    I had planned to get the front and back garden sorted out yesterday, there are lots of weeds to pull out and flowers that need dead heading. I started later than planned and got busy in the front garden, four hours later I had finished the weeding, had planted some new flowers and edged the grass. I did not think it would take that long!

    It did look much better after.


  • So what else...

    ... has been going on? I have lots of blogs to catch up on!

    We have spent the summer doing what we always do, working in the garden, feeding the birds, working at work. We had some family up for a visit only for a week, I am not sure I could cope with more. The baby birds did well this year and lots came to the garden to feed, they were very sweet.


    Soon we will go for a trip down south. This will be for a family visit and also to look at some new house developments. It is time to think about going back but we do not know where we want to live, also we need to sell our house first. Looks like we could have a busy time ahead.

  • Scottish holiday

    In June we went for a holiday to the Scottish Western Isles. The weather was not the best, it was quite wet and a little cold. It was really nice weather at home which made it rather annoying, however we made the best of it. The other shock was the lack of restaurants and shops, there was so little some nights we had to drive 20 miles to get something to eat. I do not think we will be rushing back.

    Eilean Donan Castle Portree, Isle of Sky Cow

    Leaving Sky SkylarkWorm casts...

    Oyster Catcher Avocet

    The weather might not have been all that but there were some fab birds there!

  • Test with other editor...

    ... just wanted to see if you just type and it works...

    How about a photo... IMG_3804

    I *think* it may have worked... does it look okay?

  • What is the spinny thing? ...

    when you use the new editor.... it does not seem to be working very well at all and I cannot insert any photos. Does anyone else have this issue?

  • A tear slid down...

    ... my face. I was told today that I would not be getting renewed when my contract ends. I had not done anything wrong, it is just the department head has said people who left under VR cannot come back as contractors. My manager is not happy, he wants me to carry on doing the work I am doing but these are the (new) rules of the week. So I leave on 27 September.

    One bright point I will have more time to be here, I have been very bad recently.

  • Feeding the birds.

    I spend far too much money feeding the local bird population around our garden, but I am rewarded by the birds with some stunning birds coming to visit...


    Although at times the little birds get picked on in the garden...


    Such a shame, but that is nature.

    I was delighted when Farbrook Farm offered me some different bird food to try. They sent me a few different packets...


    It seems good quality food and the table mix went down very well with the birds. Do have a look at their website, even if it is just to see the lovely coat tits on their front page.

    Now... I wonder if I can get the Sparrow Hawk to eat seed and leave my little birds alone....?

  • Weekend away - London

    Hubs and I had a weekend in London at the end of May. We took the train down and had plans to go up the Shard, to the Wetlands Trust in London and a quick visit to Kew.

    The trip down was very good, we got in just a few minutes late and went off to find our hotel, via a lunch stop at St Pancras station.


    *Click any of the photos to make them big*

    That evening we went up the Shard and watched the sunset over London. It cost a bit to go up but it gave us a very different view of London.


    We were a little worried that it needed so many cable ties ...

    We finished our evening with a walk back via London Bridge.

    The next morning we were up with the birds and walked to the London Wetland Trust centre.

    We had lunch and then went on to Kew Gardens for a wander.

    We were rather tired after all that walking.

    On Sunday we had time for lunch with hub's parents and then back home on the train for an early night. We did have a lovely time and would go on the train again.

  • London calling.

    We are off to London for the weekend. We got the 8am train from Edinburgh and will be in London for a late lunch. It is a bit of a shame to leave the lovely sunshine at home but doing something different is always nice as well.

    Have a good bank holiday weekend.

  • Sunshine and showers..

    ... seems to be what we are getting day after day at the moment. Well except for yesterday where it poured and poured all day.


    I hope that summer arrives soon, we still have our heating on!

  • Say hello to...

    Mr and Mrs Hog.


    They came from a rescue centre in the west of Scotland. My hope is that they will help with the slugs in the garden, if they choose to come and visit our garden.

    We got them home and released them that night. The first night they snuffled around the garden and we could hear them eating things, in the morning neither of them were in the hedgehog house. The next night the smaller one came back and snoozed in the house all day, he seems to rather like it and has been back there every day since. It has now turned rather cold, so I think he is very sensible. I hope it warms up for them soon and that they will enjoy living in this area.

    The fox thinks it is Christmas as when I put their food out, he gets a little as well, he has been a very regular visitor to the garden since they arrived!


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